i dont want a job i just want paychecks

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reasons why babies are not needed

  • head to body ratio is uneven
  • when was last time baby contribute to dinner time conversation
  • baby unable to hunt for the clan
  • baby is slow and usually racist

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I volunteered at an animal shelter yesterday and while I was hosing down the dozenth dirty dog kennel I thought to myself “why am I doing this without pay again?” and then I walked into the room with like 15 kittens in it and they all started meowing at me and I was like, yes, that’s why

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dat me

All lost in a book.  Another image that will never make it into the mainstream media.


"how old are you?"

"It’s a secret :3"

"aiight so either 12 or 40 got it"

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you’re currently witnessing a fine piece of procrastination 

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